Product Highlight: Octofloral Splatterparty Rash Guard and Leggings

Spacefish Army is dedicated to providing adventurous souls with the unique and bold clothing that matches their wild lifestyles. One of our most fun and colorful prints is the Octofloral Splatterparty which is available for purchase as both a rash guard, leggings, head band, and dive sock for the cutest matching set you can find. You’re buddies are sure not to lose you in this ensemble! 

Our clothing is also made with the eco-conscious customer in mind and with Earth Day being just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to invest in some eco-friendly dive skins! Our eco-friendly leggings and rash guards are made from recycled polyesters from single-use plastics like water bottles. Our fabrics have all the same great qualities as traditional polyblends, so not only will you look good, but you can feel good about where it comes from, too!

Take a look at our eco-friendly Octofloral Splatterparty Rash Guards and Leggings below!

eco-friendly leggings and rashguard

Octofloral Splatterparty Print

The Octofloral Splatterparty pattern was inspired by our time living in Hawaii and love of Octopus! This print is filled with colorful hibiscus flowers wrapped around tropical tentacles for an intricate interlocking pattern. While pink and purple are the predominant colors, splashes of all colors can be found within this design, as well as hidden monstera leaves and a variety of other Hawaiian foliage. If you are looking for something a little less psychedelic we, also offer this Octopus print in a more monochrome color scheme with our Electric Blue Octofloral print.

Eco-Friendly Rash Guards and Leggings

Like with many of our products, the Octofloral Splatterparty rash guards and leggings are now made with eco-friendly materials! Polyester is a popular material to use for clothing as it is durable, quick-drying, and shrink and wrinkle resistant. However, making polyester is extremely damaging to the environment due to the petroleum-based chemicals that are used to make the fibers and the toxic by-products that pollute the air and water. 

The solution to this problem is recycled polyester that is now available in the same quality as the virgin fabrics. By breaking down single-use plastics to create our fabric, we can reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of harmful chemicals that is released into the environment.

Eco-Friendly Rash Guards 

What are mermaid dreams made of? Well, Hawaiian flowers and tentacles of course! Embrace your inner mermaid with the Octofloral Splatterparty Rash Guard from Spacefish Army. This rashguard features a rich purple center piece with our wild and fun print on the sleeves and down the sides of the body. This rashguard is made in our “classic fit” style and with 4-way stretch fabric for your ultimate comfort and move-ability. Our rashguards are also SPF50 and a great way to protect your skin while enjoying all those nice sunny days. 

Eco-Friendly Leggings 

The Octofloral Splatterparty leggings are one of our best-selling products, and there is good reason why! They are available in our “Contour Fit” and made from our eco-friendly polyester. These leggings feature two convenient built-in side pockets big enough for a cell phone or keys. The seaming is made to contour around the body for the best fit possible and the high waist creates a flattering tummy tuck. These leggings are great for all kinds of activities, scuba diving to yoga or just around the house, you’ll want to wear them everywhere! 

See How You Can Contribute This Earth Day

Being a part of the Earth Day movement is easier than you think. By simply switching to eco-friendly leggings or rash guards, you can help reduce the number of harmful chemicals being emitted into our air and help limit the amount of non-biodegradable materials that end up in our landfills. 

We donate a portion of our annual profits to ocean conservation organizations like the Hawaii Uncharted Research Collective so your purchase will contribute to the work these organizations have dedicated themselves to like cleaning up our oceans and the study and protection of the wildlife. The ocean may not be our home, but it feels like home to us, which is why it’s so important that we do what we can to help protect it. 

Check out the Octofloral Splatterparty pattern along with some of our other eco-friendly products!

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