About Us

Morgan & RJ


I was living in New York City and designing for big fashion corporations when I first tried scuba diving while on vacation in the Bahamas. I had no idea that it would change my life forever. After 20 minutes in 20ft of water...a very jaded New Yorker was left speechless. From then on I started dreaming underwater.

It would take me a few years to get the nerve to pursue diving as my life's passion. In 2016 I sold everything and left my life behind to travel to beautiful destinations and complete my PADI Instructor training. I now find myself working all over the world teaching scuba and taking underwater pictures of animals for a living, quite literally a dream come true.

I never thought I would circle back around to design, but Spacefish Army became the unexpected intersection of my two worlds. Fashion that highlights the beauty of the ocean world while helping to protect them by donating a portion of our profits to conservation projects.

RJ & I met while both following our hearts working on the Kona Aggressor and have been inseparable since. If you have been diving with us, you know that we aren't just the owners, but clients! Our designs have been constantly put to the test in & out of water, surviving years of diving and crewing boats. 

If there's one thing I whole heartedly believe in, it's never letting other people tell you what will make you happy. Whatever your dreams are, be utterly relentless in achieving them.  #yolo

If you are interested in some of my other creative endeavors, check out my portfolio website www.secretlifeofmo.com 


💖  Morgan