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Product Questions

The main difference between a rash guard & a fishing shirt is the fit.

⚈  Rashguards are activewear designed for diving, surfing and other water sports involving a lot of movement. They are a water-ready compression shirt to protect against chafing, abrasion, and sunburn - they literally guard the skin from rashes! This means they are meant to fit TIGHT and the size charts are based on a tight fitting garment. If you prefer a looser fit, please order a size up

⚈  Fishing shirts are designed as breathable loose fitting shirts to protect against UV rays.


We designed these while working in the dive industry and having to seamlessly multitask throughout the day both in and out of water. Our products are meant to bring your love of the ocean with you whenever you are going!

Our Leggings and Shorts are soft & comfortable and the built-in pockets make them an excellent choice as travel pants, yoga, hiking, the gym, or just everyday activities when you want to feel a little more like a mermaid!

Dive Socks are not like regular socks and for good reason! The slippery material and sleek tube design are meant to help glide into your wetsuit, booties, or full foot fins.

They are also very effective to reduce or eliminate blisters from rubbing against harsher materials of most dive gear. Most divers that try them once will never dive without them again!

The tube design also makes them a one-size-fits-all product so please note that they do not need to fit tightly around the foot and toes to serve their purpose.

Nope! We have set out on a mission to change this outdated idea that we need to squeeze ourselves into industry standardized wetsuit sizes and their onesie dive skin counterparts.

Benefits of Rashguard/Leggings Two Piece Sets:

⚈  Better Fit: The ability to order different sizes for top & bottom to better accommodate all body types

⚈  Versatile: Let's face it. You are never going to wear your one-piece suit anywhere other than a dive boat. Our fun & functional separates will be with you before, during, and after your dives, but we are so much more than that! Perfect for the gym, hiking, kayaking, yoga, or strolls through the aquarium. With the built-in pockets on our Leggings & Shorts, you can now wear your love of the ocean everywhere!

⚈  Ease: Wiggling in and out of a one-piece is always a struggle - especially once wet! Nobody got time for that, especially your divemaster! We make changing as easily as putting on your gym clothes.

Give our sets a try and you may wonder why you ever wore a one piece at all!


Our products come highly recommended to ensure you can enjoy a day out in the sun without slathering on lotions.

Our Recycled Polyester Blend material used for almost all of our products is not only silky smooth and highly durable, but provides excellent UV sun protection equivalent to a SPF50+ sunscreen.

We also have a few Nylon Spandex Blend Rashguards that are a great choice for a more lightweight, UPF30 option.

The life of your Spacefish (and any of your activewear or swimwear garments!) will be extended by following these few simple rules:

- Always rinse in fresh water after use in any natural body of water

- When Machine washing, turn garments inside out and use a cold water low cycle.

- Hang drying is always ideal, but the low tumble setting on your dryer is also fine to use

- Avoid Velcro and other rough abrasive surfaces that can pull on the knit fibers and cause pilling


⚈  RASHGUARDS - Tight-fitting compression garments used as a "second skin" to minimize drag in the water and protect skin from abrasion. If you are looking for a more relaxed shirt fit - please order one size up

⚈  LEGGINGS/SHORTS - Tight-fitting High Waisted Activewear with Medium Compression. For comfort base sizing mostly on waist measurement. Inseams vary by size so please check leggings page for exact size chart

⚈  BIKINI TOPS - Swim top with a Sports bra fit - a wide bottom band and convertible straps to accommodate different cup sizes.

⚈  CHEEKY BOTTOMS - Swim bottoms are not full coverage. The amount of cheeky depends on the size of the cheeks! These do run a tad small at the hips so we recommend ordering 1 size up from our Leggings/Shorts fit

⚈  NEOPRENE JACKETS - Most customers have ordered 1 size up from their Rashguard choices. Please note that the thermal lining is very stiff when brand new but does loosen up with use so it should fit snug.

⚈  SOCKS - One Size Fits Most - Stretchy 8" ankle opening (up to Mens Size 13)

⚈  HEADBANDS - One Size Fits Most - stretchy 18" circumference

Need more info? Check out our FIT GUIDES


⚈  For Tops & Bottoms we recommend basing your decision on your waist measurement.

⚈  If still undecided, most of our customers recommend ordering the larger size unless you prefer a very tight fit

⚈  If you still need help, please reach out to us at with your chest/waist/hip measurements


⚈  All In Stock Items are shipped by USPS or UPS from St Petersburg, FL.

⚈  Stocked items are usually shipped within 1 business day. Domestic shipping usually arrive between 2-5 business days depending on your shipping zone

⚈  An email notification with tracking information will be sent automatically at the time of shipment.

More info on our Shipping Policies here

Express shipping is available for IN STOCK ITEMS ONLY.

⚈  We will do everything in our power to make sure your order gets to you on time, but the shipping carriers no longer guarantee delivery dates, so neither can we. All estimated dates are just that - Estimations! Please plan accordingly.

⚈  Our business days are M-F 8:30am-6pm. Orders placed outside of business hours will be processed the following day. Please keep this in mind for any orders placed on Friday afternoon will ship Monday.

⚈  If you have a question about expedited shipping service, please review our shipping policies and if you need your order before a specific date, please reach out to us before ordering at

More info on our Shipping Policies here

Yes! We ship to Canada & Mexico with USPS & UPS and worldwide through UPS only.

⚈  Shipping costs will be automatically calculated during the check out process based on the size and weight of your order and the destination address.

⚈  Please note that the customer is responsible for knowing the import laws and custom fees of the destination country and will be responsibile for any VAT or import taxes imposed in order to import your goods. The customer is responsible for following up with any foreign agencies that are involved in receiving the package.

The customer can return items for a refund of the product cost, but due to the high cost and added shipping risks of international shipping, we do not offer exchanges.

More info on our Shipping Policies here


We offer returns/exchanges for any of our products within 30 days of purchase under the conditions of our RETURN POLICY

⚈  All returns must have authorization prior to sending. Please use our RETURN FORM HERE

⚈  Please note the customer is responsible for the shipping cost of returning the item unless specified otherwise

⚈  All items must be returned in a like-new, resalable condition and are subject to inspection. Laundering, Restocking, or Replacement fees may be incurred for items returned in any other condition at the discretion of Spacefish Army

⚈  Customized items are not eligible for returns or exchanges

⚈  We accept International returns, but due to the high costs and added risks of international shipping, we do not offer exchange services.

More info on our RETURN POLICIES here


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