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Spacefish Spotlight: Scuba Dive Socks
Spacefish Army puts the Fun back in Functional with colorful and multi-functional Scuba Dive Socks. These socks are essential to slipping in and out of a wetsuit and to prevent blisters and chafing from booties and fins. Try them once and they will change the way you dive forever!
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Spacefish Spotlight: Men’s Leggings
June is a fantastic month for many reasons, from Pride month to the official start of Summer. Did you know that it’s also Men’s Health Awareness Month? This time of year is perfect to encourage the men in your life...
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Spacefish Spotlight: Coral Kaleidoscope Collection
At Spacefish Army, our eco-friendly leggings, rash guards, and accessories are made for both Men and Women and are made from recycled polyester from water bottles and other single-use plastics. These blended fibers have great qualities such as 4-way stretch,...
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