Spacefish Spotlight: Scuba Dive Socks

When it comes to scuba diving, the amount of equipment you can buy is quite daunting, especially when you are just starting out and you aren't really sure what you need. Most divers, even experienced ones, have a never-ending wishlist of gear that they have to prioritize into essentials and non-essentials.

It would be great to have your own BCD and regulator, but if you just finished your Open Water Certification and looking to purchase only a few items, you will probably start with a mask and computer. These items would be considered essential since a mask that fits your face and a computer you know how to operate are very personal. Renting either of these two particular products can cause unnecessary trouble. 

One of the most unrated pieces of scuba diving equipment is the Dive Sock, also known as a Scuba Sock or Water Sock. You'll find this unsung hero on a little hanger at your local dive shop next to the wetsuits and I'm here to convince you that this is your next ESSENTIAL scuba diving equipment purchase.

Let's start with the most obvious question:

What are Dive Socks used for?

Dive Socks are not your typical socks. They are used primarily by Scuba Divers & Freedivers to protect soft water-soaked feet from chafing on rubber fins. Every diver has experienced some kind of foot blisters or abrasions either from a tight fin or a loose booty. A thin layer of fabric does wonders to prevent any kind of foot discomfort, especially on multiple dive days!

They are also a complete game changer when it comes to slipping into a wetsuit and booties, a statement that has been verified by many well-seasoned professionals that were skeptics turned believers!

Always struggling to get into your wetsuit? You need socks! Your feet will lead the charge, making your legs slide right through, especially when paired with any of our Dive Leggings. You can even put another pair of Dive Socks on your hands so they can slide through just as easily!

What are Dive Socks made of?

Dive Socks are generally made out of a slippery material which makes them perfect for scuba diving, but not ideal for use as everyday socks. Dive Socks are by far the best and most eco-conscious tool used to put on a wetsuit. They can be used over and over again versus other things like hair conditioner or plastic bags. 

Our Dive socks are also made with an Eco-friendly Polyester blend made from recycled water bottles and other single use plastics. Our one of a kind prints put the fun back into functional featuring hand drawn art of all your favorite ocean critters including octopus, manta rays, and whale sharks. 

Why don't Dive Socks have a Heel?

The simple tube construction of a Dive Sock not only makes them universal to fit most foot sizes, but to maximize comfort. Especially once wet, the soft material will prevent blisters much better without unnecessary seams in order to make the heel shape.

Why are Dive Socks Essential Scuba Diving Gear?

As you can see, Dive Socks solve two of the biggest pet peeves in scuba diving and once you have experienced all the benefits of this simple but incredible product, you will never want to dive without them again!

Use our socks and headbands to add a pop of color to your more traditional gear or complete the set with our matching Rashguard & Leggings collections.

Check out what our customers are saying about our Dive Socks:


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