Spacefish Spotlight: Coral Kaleidoscope Collection

At Spacefish Army, our eco-friendly leggings, rash guards, and accessories are made for both Men and Women and are made from recycled polyester from water bottles and other single-use plastics. These blended fibers have great qualities such as 4-way stretch, SPF 50 sun protection, and vibrant colorfast prints which will not only make you look great, but you can feel good about where it comes from!  

Coral reefs are home to more than a quarter of all ocean life and there’s over 1,500 different coral species around the world. In our new hand-drawn Coral Kaleidoscope print you’ll find iconic hard corals like brain coral and lettuce corals mixed in with soft corals like anemones and sea fans. Most people think Corals are plants, but they are actually animals! They just don’t move around as much as we’d expect! Celebrate these amazing creatures and all the color and beauty they bring to the ocean with our high-quality scuba diving clothing.

Women’s Dive Skins and Rashguards With Colorful Prints From Spacefish Army 

We developed our eco-friendly fabric for our rashguards to be perfect for all kinds of active lifestyles and eye-catching both under the sea and on shore. Our rashguards provide SPF50+ protection so you can enjoy your day in the sun without using too much sunscreen, which is harmful to the environment.

Eco-Friendly Leggings

The Coral Kaleidoscope leggings with our flattering contoured seams and high waist are cute enough to wear out when you are feeling Urban Mermaid Chic, but were designed to go with you everywhere. Whether it’s scuba diving, snorkeling, the pool, yoga class, hiking, surf lessons, or just watching television! The best part is that we’ve added side pockets to make our leggings even more versatile. Any Mermaid would agree that Coral Reefs are always in style!

The Best Accessories for Scuba Diving: Headbands & Dive Socks

You’ve got your Coral Kaleidoscope print Leggings and Rash Guard– now complete your look by checking out our headbands for ultimate comfort. Made from our same eco-friendly polyester recycled fabric, our Coral Kaleidoscope headband provides SPF50+ sun protection and will actually stay on your head while in the water.  Sometimes the ocean waves are rough on our hair, so protection for your hair and face can make the difference between a good hair day and a bad one. A headband is a cute way to protect your hair and keep it out of your face when scuba diving or snorkeling and also avoid losing loose hairs to the dreaded mask strap!! During surface intervals in the sunshine, a headband will also help protect your forehead from getting a diver’s tan and wind burn on a windy day out on the water!

Eco-friendly High-Quality Diving Socks from Spacefish Army 

Diving socks are the best way to prevent chafing and blistering while wearing fins and they will also make getting in and out of your booties a whole lot easier! Have trouble putting on a wetsuit? The struggle is real! The slippery fabric of our dive socks help your feet glide through the legs of your wetsuit. And guess what? You can use them to glide your hands through the arms, too! 

Our Coral Kaleidoscope diving socks are perfect for adding a layer of cushion around the foot and ankle, keep you extra warm in your booties when water conditions are more chilly, or just to add a touch of color to your gear!

Coral Kaleidoscope Throw Blanket

The *New* Spacefish Army Throw Blankets aren’t just for wintertime: they work great for a summer picnic or a night under the stars, too! Our Coral Kaleidoscope Throw Blanket is made of super soft, plush material and utilizes our sublimation printing to ensure all the same bright colorful brain corals, anemones, and sea fans. Stay tuned as we roll out more Spacefish Army printed blankets! 

Unique Rashguards, Leggings, and T-Shirts for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers 

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, make sure that your Dad has the best dive gear available, and shop our men’s leggings here!

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