Spacefish Spotlight: Men’s Leggings

June is a fantastic month for many reasons, from Pride month to the official start of Summer. Did you know that it’s also Men’s Health Awareness Month? This time of year is perfect to encourage the men in your life to take care of themselves with an active lifestyle and healthy diet. It’s important to set some fitness or health goals, incorporate a balanced diet, and learn more about vicious diseases that specifically affect men. 

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, men on average die five years earlier than women and at higher rates from the leading causes of death, which range from heart disease and cancer. They are also less likely to visit the doctor and avoid regular cholesterol screenings. We want to change that!

Easy lifestyle changes include scheduling routine check ups, getting outdoors more, and finding ways to stay fit. Men of all ages can get into any sports they’re interested in learning and trying out. It’s never too late to switch up your exercise routine for the sake of your health – this includes learning to scuba dive! 

Can men wear leggings to dive? Of course they can! They’re sometimes referred to as “Meggings”, but just think of them as wearing half a wetsuit that is much easier to get on and off. We firmly believe anyone can wear leggings to work out in. They are great to wear for sports like running, climbing, cycling, or lifting weights at the gym. 

While buying a wetsuit for scuba diving might be intimidating, there is a cooler and easier option out there. A rashguard and dive leggings combo works perfectly on their own in warm water to protect yourself from abrasions or any irritants in the water, as well as SPF 50+ UV sun protection.

We all know the hardest part of scuba diving is putting on your wetsuit. The smooth slippery fabric of our Rashguards and Leggings really helps glide your arms and legs through when worn as a base layer underneath.

What’s it Like Scuba Diving in Men’s Leggings?

When Scuba Diving in warm water, wearing leggings is so much more practical than a full body wetsuit for both Men and Women. It’s perfect for staying protected from the sun, any jellyfish you may encounter, and even accidental bumps against coral or metal underwater. Even better, our Men’s Leggings are both lightweight and quick-drying, so hang them up after your dive and they will be ready for your next adventure in no time!

If you are renting or borrowing a wetsuit, wearing leggings underneath will help make your experience more hygienic and provide an additional layer of protection. They can also prevent chafing in sensitive areas such as the inner thighs. 

Spacefish Army wants our Mermen to rock what they feel most confident in. Our Men’s Leggings are fitted and made from super soft, stretchy polyester and spandex material with durability and comfort like no other. The fitted design has a front gusset for maximum mobility and two built-in side pockets large enough for your keys or cell phone. Just don’t jump in the water with those!

At the gym, leggings can not only pump up your workout stamina through increased blood flow to your muscles but they can improve your pre- and post- workout because the compression helps warm you up. 

One-of-a-Kind Men’s Rashguards and Leggings for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers 

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, make sure that your Dad has the best dive gear available. If he isn’t a diver, no problem! Our rashguards & leggings are a perfect addition to his athletic wardrobe, too. Whether he’s a hardcore cyclist, yogi, basketball player, baseball player, or an MMA fighter, shop our awesome collection of Spacefish Army Men’s Leggings here!

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