Spacefish Spotlight: Women's Rash Guards

From the way you’re shaped to the way you move, you are one of a kind! At Spacefish Army, we celebrate your uniqueness through passionate leadership, original artwork, and functional diving clothing – especially when it comes to our women’s rash guards. Whether you wear an XS or a 3X, we’re here to provide you with a rash guard that you can rock on your next aquatic adventure!

Spacefish Army is a small, woman founded business with humble beginnings. It started out as a passion project that drew from the worlds of artwork and diving. Our leadership team consists of an Artist and Divemaster with a mutual desire to share our love for the ocean. Today, our scuba dive skins are worn worldwide by our amazing Spacefish Army Recruits…you!

Each piece of artwork on our dive skins is inspired by our experiences in the water. They are hand-drawn / painted to celebrate the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants (Go ahead, check out some of our awesome prints here!). Every piece is 100% sublimation printed, which transfers the color directly into the fabric to keep colors more vibrant. That means long lasting brightness and no cracking like screen prints do.

Most importantly, we’ve developed our women’s rash guards to compliment YOUR body. As professional divers and boat crew ourselves, we have put all of our products through years of testing. Each rash guard features 4-way stretch fabric, which allows for unhindered movement in all environments. And when it comes to the sun, we’ve got you covered. Our fabrics are rated at either SPF+40 - SPF+50, so you’ll be protected from harmful UV rays and can focus on the beauty around you, not your sunburn. More information on these features can be found in the individual product descriptions.

Our dive skins are separates, allowing you to customize the top and bottom pieces to fit your unique body shape and style. We also offer multiple, inclusive fits so you can find your perfect rash guard.

Need longer sleeves? Prefer a looser, boxy fit? Have a shorter torso? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a breakdown of our women's rash guard sizing to help decide which one is right for you!

*Plus Size rash guards are made-to-order, and typically take 1-3 weeks to deliver within the U.S.. Keep this in mind when planning your next adventure!

Our inclusive fitting spectrum allows women of all shapes to be kept comfortable while experiencing all the beauty around them. Marketing wants us to believe it, but there is no “body type” requirement for an adventurous spirit. You can do whatever you put your mind to, and Spacefish Army is here to give you the tools to look dang good while doing it.

Check out our line of Inclusive Women’s Rash Guards

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